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Imperium Cyber Security Consult was founded with a core mission to meet the evolving cyber and physical security needs of SMEs. Our goal is to detect, mitigate and eliminate both digital and physical threats to businesses. As a customer-focused and value-driven firm, it is our aim to deliver world-class, experienced consultancy services to ensure that your digital assets are protected. We generate value for our clients by identifying pain points, defining user requirements to provide exceptional solutions that safeguard identified digital assets and offering a complete package of business guidance and training services.

We have a global consultancy reach that spans across nine industries in Europe and Africa. This has provided us with deep industry knowledge within the cybersecurity space to serve our clients better.
The constant evolving threat landscape means that cyber risk is an everyday business consideration.
This undoubtedly presents a feeling of vulnerability, which has been leveraged by some to increase budget and to sell products. We have often found that this results in significant sums of investment on ineffective programmes with poor alignment to risk and business imperatives. Cyber security is not a quick technical fix nor is it a matter solely for the IT department.


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